Can I bring my dog to come see your centre first? 
Short answer, no. But YOU are welcome. Why is this? 

Having a strange dog drop by for a mere 10 mins often disrupts the daycare pack and can cause some chaos, which is why we treat your dogs first day as an entire trial day. 
This gives us time to evaluate your dog, find it suitable playmates and introduce it slowly to the regular dogs. 

Does my dog need to be desexed? 
Yes. However, any dog under 12 months old may be exempt from this. Here at Retreat we understand that growing is important and there are many benefits to delayed desexing, so each dog is assessed individually. Please advise us if your dog is not fixed. 

Does my dog need to be vaccinated? 
Yes- with a minimum of the C3 vaccine. However we also accept titre tests. 

How does it work? 
As said earlier, the entire first day of daycare is a trial day. We will get to know your dog, their play style and slowly integrate them into the rest of the gang. 

The dogs are all dropped off from 7am onwards. If it is your dogs first day please bring their vaccination certificate and arrive prior to 8.30am to allow us time to integrate them into the pack. Your dog will then spend the day with us! Playing, learning, socialising and a bit of napping too.  Pickup anytime before 6pm. You can pay at the end of the day, as there is no charge for any dog who doesn't love it and needs to go home early. 

What does it cost? 
Grooming varies based on what you are wanting, the size of your dog and the condition of your dogs coat- please call for an accurate quote. For our day stay, that depends on how frequently your dog will be attending. It is $50 per dog for the day if attending casually. However we have a variety of packages available and options to personalise a package exactly to your needs. 

Do you offer discounts for multiple dogs?

Your second dog requires just as much interaction as your first, so unfortunately not. However multi dog families are able to share packages between their dogs, allowing for larger packages to be purchased and greater savings. 

What are your opening hours? 
7am - 6pm Monday to Friday. 

This sounds great, how do we book? 
You can book via call, text, email or online: 

Please click here for online booking. 

0432 429499 

What do I need to bring? 
If it is your dogs first day, please bring along a copy of their vaccination certificate. 
Otherwise- nothing! 
We supply all treats, toys and beds and grooming tools. If your dog has any special dietary needs, bring along treats they can have. 

Do you do overnight care? 
Unfortunately not at this stage, but please don't hesitate to contact us and we may be able to recommend a suitable provider for you.

Will my dog like daycare? 

Very likely, they'll love it! Most dogs enjoy the social and fun aspect of daycare, however it is not for every dog, and we will always put their welfare first. If your dog really isnt enjoying it we will let you know so you can pick them up. 


"Retreat Doggy Day Care is Amazing. Lilly visits 2-3 times a week and always comes home with a cheeky smile on her face. Gabby is amazing with our angel, The unique service that she provides with her Doggy Report Card, gives us peace of mind that Lilly is being looked after while we are away at work." 



"My pug Batman has gone two times now and will absolutely be going back. I love the report card, photos, videos and most importantly that he has an amazing time." 



"Archie loves his friends at the day care, just goes crazy as soon as he hops into the car. The moment we are on Enoggera tce, he is up on his feet, ready to jump out and makes weird sounds. Gabby is so good with all the dogs, thanks for a wonderful year." 

"I have really noticed a difference in Armani's behaviour since she has been coming to you. She is much calmer, better behaved and barely barks at home anymore. Thank you for all you do!"

"As a full-time working couple, when we made the decision to get a dog, we were prepared to do what we needed to do to keep her amused during the day. So after the first door frame was chewed, it wasn’t long before it was time to find a solution! We had considered a dog walker, however when we realised that even that wasn’t going to be enough stimulation for our extremely energetic little border collie pup, a friend mentioned doggy day care. We thought we would try it for a little while, maybe one day per week - however over one year later she is still going, two days a week, and absolutely loves it. What better endorsement is there than the profuse wagging of your dogs tail when she knows it is a day care day? We add on the pick up and drop off service and overall it is excellent value for money for the amount of hours she attends in a day, particularly when compared with a dog walking service. Retreat Doggy Day Care delivers everything it promises and more. There is no doubt it contributes to fostering happy, non-destructive, well-socialised and trained dogs. The service fits in with our schedule perfectly and contributes to our dog ownership being an ease and pleasure. Some people think we are spoiling our dog sending her to day care, however I believe it is the only responsible thing you can do for your dog, especially one as energetic as ours. It has been an essential piece of the puzzle it making us a very happy little fur-family!"

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